TSE´s web portal users to access Brazil´s Federal Constitution and electoral legislation online

Researchers, journalists, voters and citizens can search data from elections held in the country since 1950 at the web Portal of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

Users of the web portal of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) may access Brazil´s electoral legislation in Portuguese by clicking on the Legislation tab. The aforementioned tab is located in a blue menu bar featuring in website´s home page, and users are to click on it to be granted full access to the electronic or audio version (in mp3 format) of different legal documents, including the Electoral Code, the Ineligibilities Act and the Elections Act.
The legislation tab features multiple links. The first hyperlink points to the Annotated Electoral Code and supplementary electoral legislation, which was organized by the TSE with the aim of disclosing the legal amendments that have been added over time along with rules and regulations edited by that Court based on the existing electoral and party-related legislation. The publication is available in electronic and PDF formats. Users can also search Brazil´s electoral legislation by clicking on the above-mentioned link.
The next hyperlink points to the updated version of the Federal Constitution of Brazil, and to Official Journals/Gazettes – SinTSE, which brings information on the Federal Gazette (sections 1, 2 and 3) and the Electronic Court Gazette (DJe).
The section Audio files of Electoral Legislation allows users to either listen to audio files or download the Electoral Code (Law N. 4,737/1965), the Ineligibilities Act (Supplementary Law N. 64/1990) and the Elections Act (Law N. 9,504/1997). Edited in mp3 format, the audio series featuring Brazil´s electoral legislation is the outcome of a partnership established between the TSE and the Chamber of Deputies (House of Representatives).
The hyperlink Searching electoral legislation allows users to access, in a simple and quick manner, any information regarding, inter alia, Brazil´s Electoral Code, the Elections Act, the Political Parties Act, the Ineligibilities Act and electoral registration rules and regulations. Users may also mail a search request by clicking on Electoral Legislation – Send Search Results by email.
The remaining hyperlinks allow users to access CGE Decisions, which points to judgments entered by the Disciplinary Board of the Electoral Court System, and the Internal Rules of the TSE. The latter option points to the institutional document that sets forth the powers of that Court and its members as well as Court´s proceedings, sessions and services.
The Law and You
The hyperlink The Law and You was designed with the aim of publicizing, on a regular basis, reference texts that explain the basics of electoral legislation, electoral precedents and proceedings. The purpose is to help website users to better understand the legal documents that are produced under the Electoral Court System.
These short didactic texts come in straightforward language that is easy to understand as legal jargon is often incomprehensible for those who do not have educational training in law. The Law and You is divided into four distinct sections: Notions of Law, Making sense of Official Journals/Gazettes, Equivalent Terms/Other Legal Terms, and Foreign Terms.