TSE Publications Catalog offers vast collection for research

TSE Publications Catalog offers vast collection for research

An image of a book representing the TSE's publication catalog

The Publications Catalog of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) offers a number of works published by the agency and the Regional Electoral Courts. Visitors to the catalog can have access to publications such as the Voter Services Primer, prepared with the goal of introducing Brazilian citizens to the services provided by the Electoral Justice. The Primer explains the forms of access to these services as well as the commitments and quality standards established to better serve the population.

Another publication, "Inside the Ballot Box", tells the tale of the computerization of voting in Brazil. It also has a Q&A section which answers frequent questions from voters regarding voting and presents a number of procedures established to ensure the safety and security of our elections. Regarding trials, one publication of highlight is "TSE Decisions: half a century of jurisprudence", which contains the entire contents of important decisions issued by the court between 1950 and 1998 and was prepared with a view to helping recover the past of the Brazilian Electoral Justice.

As for legislation, the Catalogue includes the 10th edition of the Annotated Electoral Code and the Election Law (Law 9.504/197), together with other publications also available for readers to further explore other election-related themes. Those include campaign funding (with selected bibliography), illicit suffrage capture, accountability and supplementary elections.

The Catalog is organized alphabetically and publications can be found by the initial letter of the title. Each publication  has  a summary to facilitate understanding on the subject.  All publications of the catalog are in PDF format and can be accessed for free. Some works published by the TSE are also available in print, but can only be obtained in the court. Access the latest publications available.