Electoral Propaganda’s garbage could produce 40 million books

Electoral Propaganda’s garbage could produce 20 million books

The garbage produced by the printed material of the electoral propaganda of 2012 could be used to publish 40 million scholar books with 50 pages. The length of these amount of paper piled up could take 143 laps around the Earth. These calculations were published by the assistant judge of the presidency of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Paulo Tamburini, and the Superior Officer José Albucacys Manso de Castro Júnior, on the lecture “Environmental impact of the electoral propaganda”, on the congress in which is celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Judiciary Electoral School (EJE/TSE).

This survey was done by the authors based on data stated in the candidate’s accountability. Of the total R$ 2 billion spent with propaganda by the competitors, R$ 800 million were for printed material, as flyers called “santinhos” and press disclosure on newspapers. Taking into account that R$ 250 produce 20 thousand of “santinhos”, the declared amount spent is enough to print 57 billion of these flyers. Besides the paper, in order to produce this material was necessary to cut down 603 thousand trees and to consume three billion liters of water.

For judge Tamburini and Officer Albucacys, despite the constant advances on the electoral process, such as the electronic voting and the approval of laws like the Clean Record (Complementary Law No. 135/2010), a few or nothing has been done about the environmental impact of the electoral propaganda. The judge considers that, with the advent of new media like the internet, it’s important to think of other ways to make the electoral propaganda with no environmental degradetion. “It’s time to search for a new way of exposing candidate’s ideology”, concluded Paulo Tamburini.

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